Hyperion Max Running Shoes

As a competitive runner always chasing the next personal best, the Brooks Hyperion Max running shoes are a game-changer. Designed with speed in mind, they’ll help you achieve records you never knew were possible!

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6 products

Smashing records with Brooks’ Hyperion Max shoes

With the new Hyperion Max running shoe, Brooks is really pushing the envelope. This shoe has been specifically designed with speed in mind. Hyperion Max shoes incorporate nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH cushioning that is both lightweight and energy-efficient, maximising your stride. The heel and toe in the Hyperion Max are curved in accordance with Rapid Roll technology so that your transitions will be faster than ever. If you’re looking to better your race performance, you can’t beat Hyperion Max shoes!

Get going with Hyperion Max again… and again

High-performance running takes a toll on your body, and some recovery time will naturally be required after you’ve put in a hard effort. However, we’re sure you won’t want to be resting on your laurels for too long! So with this in mind, Brooks has developed the Hyperion Max with superior cushioning to minimise impact on your body, so that you recover faster and are ready sooner for your next challenge. See you back on the road soon!

Hyperion Max shoes and more

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