Distance Collection: Modern Running Tops

Looking for an everyday, classic running top? Check out the Brooks Distance collection here! Made from high-tech materials that keep you cool and comfortable, these modern running tops really go the extra mile.

45 products

45 products

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Modern running tops that go the distance

When you're looking for a classic running top that'll clock up the miles with you, you can't go past the Brooks Distance collection. These classic running tops combine trendy form with high-tech function so you'll look great and feel comfortable out on the road or trail. Our modern collection comes in a range of colours and designs in lightweight, sustainable fabrics that wick sweat and keep you cool while you train.

Distance: Your new favourite, go-to running top

We're pretty sure every runner has at least one in their wardrobe – that favourite running shirt that's been worn so often it's practically transparent or even falling apart. Well, we've got fantastic news for you! Our Distance collection is full of great, modern running tops in inspiring designs, and we're absolutely sure you'll be able to restock your wardrobe with a bunch of new go-to running tops. You'll be spoilt for choice!

Explore more classic running tops

Still looking for just the right thing? Take a look at our women's running tops and men's running shirts too, and swing by our general running tops page. If you're more interested in extra high-tech options, our Atmosphere tops collection is well worth checking out. One way or another, we're sure you'll find your next favourite running top here at Brooks!