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Cold weather running gear

Coming in hot: Winter run essentials that balance performance and warmth.

38 products

38 products

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Running in cold weather


Running in cold weather can be a blast — and not the icy variety. Gear up for winter runs so your body's covered and you can concentrate on finding the gait that wins your personal race. Cold-weather running gear from Brooks has you covered, literally from head to toe.

Start by protecting your trunk

Those first few steps into brisk weather can be difficult, so layer up with solutions such as the Shield hybrid vest and Distance long sleeve shirt. First layers that wick and feel comfortable against your skin are critical, and adding a vest leaves your arms free for movement while insulating your torso.

But cold weather runs heat up fast, and your body might not need full protection the entire way. Whether you opt for a running jacket or other layers, choose winter running gear that comes off as easy as it goes on in case you want to shed something after the first mile or so.

Cold running gear for your legs

Protect your legs against frigid breezes and other elements with winter running gear for the lower half of your body. Choose joggers with plenty of room, such as the Venture pants. Or, select something with a tighter fit, such as the Greenlight tights, for a distraction-free run.

Cold weather athletic gear can also include hats to stop warmth escaping from above, gloves to protect your hands and cozy socks that wick while supporting warmth.