Marathon gear

Running a marathon is a big deal. Gear up for the big race and all the training you'll be doing beforehand.

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36 products

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Marathon gear

The best marathon apparel is comfortable and functional. Whether you're sprinting to build up leg strength, or hitting the sidewalk for an endurance run, marathon training apparel should support you without restricting movement.

Marathon running essentials for the lower body

Obviously, a great pair of running shoes is a must. Above the ankles, many runners opt for loose-fitting shorts that provide ample coverage. You'll probably want marathon gear that covers areas that are high-risk when it comes to chafing.

Options such as the Chaser 3" Short for women, or the Rep 8"" Short for men give plenty of room for comfort and airflow. For those that like slightly snugger coverage, the Greenlight Short Tight, or even the Greenlight Capris may be a better option.

Best running shirts for marathon training

The best marathon running tops are typically a matter of preference. Look for sweat-wicking, fast-drying options such as the Distance Short-Sleeve, or Distance Tank. If you want to add a bit of whimsy to your training sessions or ensure friends and family can spot you easily on the race course, choose from a number of options for the Distance Graphic Tee.

Top your marathon running gear bag off with a hat to keep the sun off your face, and a lightweight jacket for cool race mornings when you want to start with layers.