Run Wild Collection

Discover big cat energy return in the versatile Revel 6 and sleek Levitate StealthFit 6, plus wildly stylish, black-and-white leopard print apparel.

20 products

20 products

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    Wild style meets big cat energy return. Save 15% on all-new limited edition apparel from the Run Wild Collection when you purchase the versatile Revel 6 or sleek Levitate StealthFit 6.

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Whether you're stair-stepping up a natural incline in the trails or powering through stadiums at the local school football field, animal print running shoes are a great way to create a serious and stylish running vibe.

Animal print running shoes in various styles

You can find cheetah spots on many of your favorite Brooks styles, including the Adrenaline GTS 22, Launch 9, Launch GTS 9, and Ghost 15. These favorite limited edition shoes go fast, though. The cheetah might be the fastest mammal on land, but cheetah running shoes are often the fastest inventory to move in the warehouse and online stores. So get these shoes when you see them if you want to add style to your run.

Leopard running shoes come in a variety of colors, as do many of the other animal print options. You can lace up with the spirit of your favorite animal and carry that with you as you sprint or jog. Whether you're pounding out a mile on the sidewalk in your neighborhood or going off road for training sessions, with the right animal print running shoes, you can feel like a hunter in the jungle or prairie as you run.