Brooks’ innovative nitrogen-infusion process amplifies your run for bigger benefits with zero compromises. Now in some of your favourite shoes, nitrogen-infusion unlocks a world of benefits for a super-comfortable ride.

10 running shoes

10 running shoes

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Caldera Trail-Running Shoes


Caldera shoe collection

Going beyond the well-worn path makes each run an adventure. Trail runners: gear up for your next expedition with the Caldera collection. Caldera men's and women's trail-running shoes keep you sure-footed, even in the most rugged terrain. So, are you ready for the challenge?

Trail-running shoes for any outdoor trek

The best trail shoes are made for all-terrain comfort that lasts through long outdoor runs. Yes, even in the elements. A mid-run rain shower won't put a damper on your progress. Get a grip with Caldera men's and women's trail shoes that won't slide around on wet surfaces. Forge on, rain or shine. 

Nature-ready, the Caldera collection trail shoes are made to overcome outdoor obstacles. Generous midsole and outsole grip keep you grounded on inclines and uneven forest floors. Designed with max cushion, you'll keep your feet comfortable and reduce stress on joints. So, you can keep trailblazing forward, wherever nature takes you.