man in semi-fitted t-shirt

Follows the shape of your body with some breathing room for unrestricted movement. Most of our apparel is semi-fitted.

photo of two men with numbers identifying the parts of the body needing to be measured to ensure a good fit
You’ll want to wear close-fitting clothes so that loose fabric doesn’t get in the way of measuring. If you’re at home or in the privacy of a dressing room, measuring in your underwear is great.
  1. Measure your chest
    With good posture, wrap a measuring tape under your arms around your back and take the measurement at fullest part of your chest. Be sure to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.
  2. Measure your waist
    Your waistline is sometimes tricky to find and measure! The natural waistline is halfway between the lowest rib you can feel and the top, outside edge of the hip bone. One trick might help you find this spot are to stand up straight and tilt over like a teapot. Where your torso creases is often where your waistline is. Another trick is just to measure 1” above your belly button.

Chest Waist Length
XS 84-89 71-76 81
S 89-94 76-81 81
M 94-99 81-85 86.5
L 99-108 86-93 86.5
XL 108-114 93-101.5 91.5
XXL 115-124.5 101.5-112 91.5
Chest Waist Length
XS 33-35 28-30 32
S 35-37 30-32 32
M 37-39 31.5-33.5 34
L 40-42 34.5-36.5 34
XL 43-45 37.5-40 36
XXL 46-49 41-44 36