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Artist Lisa Congdon

Runner stories

Artfully crafting the Run Proud Collection

Brooks teamed up with artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon for our new Run Proud Collection and more.

Running Tips

Top 3 Running Myths Debunked

We want every runner to get the most out of every run - whether you're just starting out or are a long way down your running path.

3 min. read


Post-run stretches

Cool down with these five stretching exercises from pro running coach and yoga instructor Tywon Thompson.

4 min. read

Runner stories

Who is a Runner: Erin McGrady

Writer, photographer, and runner Erin McGrady helps create spaces for queer folks in the South and beyond. Learn more about her in the fourth installment of our "Who is a Runner" series.

6 min. read

Run community

Run as you are

Six athletes share what it means to run (and live) as their authentic selves.

10 min. read


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