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Explore plush new worlds and leave behind the traditional laws of comfort with the all-new Brooks Transcend. On a mission to maximize the Float experience, every element of this shoe was innovated using biomechanical insights. From the Ideal Pressure Zones that disperse impact to the Guide Rails that provide on-demand support, not to mention the plush comfort of Super DNA cushioning, the Transcend’s thoughtful design will blow your mind. Head reassembly not included.

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  • Super DNA midsole provides the ultimate in adaptive cushioning
  • Ideal Pressure Zones disperse impact for a smoother ride
  • Rounded heel offers better alignment minimizing stress on joints
  • Guide Rails to encourage your body's preferred motion path
  • Plush upper provides luxurious in-shoe comfort
Great for road running

Great for road running

Ideal for flat to medium arches

Ideal for flat to medium arches


Weight 12.2 oz

Ideal for moderate pronation

Ideal for runners with moderate pronation

Midsole drop

Midsole drop 8mm

Nightlife color available

NIghtlife color available


Guide Rails

Midsole construction that helps your hips, knees and joints move in their unique motion path.

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Ideal Pressure Zones

Distribute pressure evenly under your foot, transforming your run into a more comfortable and effortless ride.

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Segmented Crash Pad

Made up of fully-integrated shock absorbers to provide cushion and smooth heel-to-toe transition, maximizing the efficiency of every stride.

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Super DNA

An adaptable midsole material that offers increased cushioning while providing peak energy return and support.

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Guide Rails

What is it?

Guide Rails are built into the footwear midsole and revolutionize traditional stability technology found in running shoes. Delivering on-demand support, Guide Rails allow your hips, knees and joints to move within their unique motion path while you run – all without traditional posts.

This innovative new form of stability doesn't "correct" your stride. Instead it assists your body in finding its natural path, or Stride Signature.

How does it work?

A good way to think about how Guide Rails work is to picture a bobsled track. As the bobsled rockets down the icy course, the crew works to guide it down the "line" – the ideal path through the course. The fastest times are achieved when the sled glides effortlessly down the course with limited side-to-side movement.

Now, let’s apply this to the runner.

Much like the bobsled, runners perform best when they stay within their personal "line" – what we like to call their Natural Habitual Joint Motion. Guide Rails are designed to do just this – help runners maintain the most efficient and natural motion throughout the run.

Ideal Pressure Zones

What is it?

Ideal Pressure Zones distribute pressure evenly under your foot, transforming your run into a more comfortable and effortless ride from heel to forefoot.

How does it work?

When we take a step back to examine how runners run, we recognize that the highest amount of impact happens as you propel yourself forward. Knowing that this is the moment of highest impact, we’ve reshaped the outsole to disperse pressure evenly throughout your whole foot -- from heel to mid-foot to forefoot.

This means that impact is no longer felt in just one area of the foot which could cause “hot spots” (places that rub or cause pain throughout the run) but is instead dispersed evenly across the entire foot, leading to a smoother, float-like transition as you glide through your run.

Ideal Pressure Zones work in conjunction with our other shoe technologies to help runners maintain their most efficient and natural motion throughout the run.

Segmented Crash Pad

What is it?

The Segmented Crash Pad customizes your foot's lay-down to provide amazing cushion and smooth heel-to-toe transition throughout the run.

How does it work?

We know that a key component of maximizing your run is to provide the smoothest possible heel-to-toe transition. The Segmented Crash Pad is one technology we use to achieve this goal.

Shaped like a caterpillar, the Segmented Crash Pad is a midsole made up of independent, yet fully integrated shock absorbers. As your foot strikes the ground, the segments work together to customize your individual lay down to provide the right amount of cushion and seamless heel-to-toe transition for you – making the most of all that effort you put into each stride.

Super DNA

What is it?

An adaptable midsole material that combines plushness with adaptability and provides 25% more cushioning than BioMoGo DNA.

Traditional cushioning takes a one-size-fits-all approach, but we know that each runner is different. Super DNA was developed to continuously tailor the level of cushioning to your specific needs – even as they change during the run.

How does it work?

Super DNA is made up of a highly viscous non-Newtonian material or more simply put, a material that adapts to the specific force you apply to it. Part of the brilliance is that this compound was engineered to perform at the molecular level (picture millions of resilient 'nanosprings').

If you looked at Super DNA through a microscope, you’d see that it's made up of individual molecules connected in strands. These strands (which form chains) react to the amount of force placed on the foot, dispersing pressure and providing resiliency. Bottom line of this physics lesson: You get tailored cushioning that reacts to your specific weight, pace, gait, movement and running environment – "made-for-me" cushioning vs. "one size fits all."

And, as with all good technology, we’ve taken it a step further:

  • Super DNA is our latest stop on the DNA journey. Introduced with the Transcend and now found in the Glycerin, Super DNA combines the adaptability of DNA and adds 25% more cushioning than BioMoGo DNA while still maintaining the same energy return and biodegradable properties. Essentially you get the best of both worlds – adaptability and ultimate cushioning.

Other benefits include:

  • Significantly more cushioning than standard midsole materials
  • Increased energy-return for more pep in your step
  • Great performance no matter your weight or running pace
  • Smoother transition from heel to toe


  • Shoe Category: Support
  • Arch: Flat, Medium
  • Body Build: Medium, Large
  • Platform: Universal Platform
  • Construction Type: Stroebel
  • Water-Resistant: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • Launch Date: February 1, 2014
  • Weight: 12.2 oz

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