Lightweight Shelter Device

Our most popular lightweight jacket not only packs wind- and water-resistance, but also into its own pocket. Equipped with an elastic armband, you can strap it on your arm when the weather clears and your run heats up. Perfect for those in-between Spring days.

Brooks loves GORE-TEX®

From bread bag buffering to adventures in creative duct taping, runners will try anything to prevent soggy feet. Brooks, your Rain City expert, has a better solution: GORE-TEX® lining in two great Brooks shoes for breathable, waterproof protection.

The GORE-TEX® membrane delivers waterproof protection to keep your feet dry, and high breathability that allows internal moisture to escape, delivering you optimal comfort when battling the elements. Neutral runners who mainly stick to the streets will love our waterproof version of the Ghost 8, featuring the same award-winning blend of cushion and balance with added anti-soggy technology. Need more support, or like to mix up your surfaces a bit? Get the ultimate protection from the elements on and off the trail with the Adrenaline™ ASR™ 12 GTX®, our most versatile all-terrain shoe. This all-season runner is always at the ready, so you need never take a rain check again.