Wear Tester Program FAQs

Q. Who pays for shipping?
A. Brooks will pay to ship the shoes to you and send you a return shipment label when we need the shoes returned.

Q. Can I post pictures on my ______________ (Facebook page, blog, internet running log, twitter, etc.)?
A. Please read the Wear Tester agreement. When you sign up to be a wear tester you have agreed to refrain from posting pictures or giving information of any kind over the internet unless to a Brooks product representative specifically.

Q. Can I run a race in my testing shoes?
A. Yes, please feel free to use the shoes as you would any other running shoes you purchased.

Q. Do I need to provide my own travel to participate in the biomechanics lab?
A. Yes. We will only invite those who live in Washington State due to this requirement.

Q. Do I get paid for testing product?
A. We do not reimburse testers monetarily. We value your opinions and feedback, but feel as if your payment comes in the experience of and opportunity to test product before it hits the market.

Q. My friend would be a great tester, how does he sign up?
A. Visit BrooksRunning.com/weartest where you will find an application.

Q. I have called Brooks and still haven’t received an answer.
A. Email is the easiest and quickest way for our team to communicate. Please email weartesting@brooksrunning.com with any questions, concerns, or additional comments.