Running Shoes 101 - Kids

Built to keep up with exploring feet, Kids shoes bring the same high-quality performance as the grownup versions, just miniaturized. Because growing feet have unique needs, good flexibility and soft cushioning are important features to facilitate healthy maturing. We also reinforce the toe to increase durability during every step, jump, or cartwheel.

About Kids' Shoe Sizes: Children's shoes are sized in two waves. The infants and children's size wave starts at size 1 for pre-walking tots and extends to size 13.5 (measuring 7¾ inches from heel to toe). The youth size wave starts again at size 1 (at just under 8 inches from heel to toe), and extends through adult sizes. This wave normally accommodates children ages 6+. All Brooks kids’ shoes come in the "standard" D width – so there’s no difference, size-wise, between the boys’ and girls’ shoes.

Our Kids' Adrenaline GTS shoes, offered in sizes 1-7, fit the second (youth) wave of children's shoe sizes. Please note: size 1 is the smallest size in the Kids' Adrenaline GTS. Our Kids' PureFlow 2 shoes, for sizes 10.5-13.5 and 1-7, start in the infants and children's size wave and then continue into the youth size wave.

Adrenaline GTS 14

Adrenaline GTS 14
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