Brooks 2 Qw-k Lightweight Track and Field Spike

An updated version of this pair is available.

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Unisex Qw-k

$100.00 $59.00

Style #100020

With its locked-in fit and slick, aerodynamic shell, the Qw-k delivers explosive starts and blazing straightaways. The full-length spike plate provides exceptional traction and just the right amount of rigidity and flex, where and when you need it. Ideal for distances of 100 to 400 meters, this head-turning spike is designed to break tape.

Available in men's sizes only. For women we suggest ordering 1.5 sizes smaller than what you usually wear.

  • Color: 732

This item is currently not available.

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  • Shoe Category: Spikes
  • Arch: Medium, High
  • Body Build: Small, Medium, Large
  • Platform: Curved Platform
  • DNA Layout: No DNA
  • Competition: 400 meters or less
  • Launch Date: December 1, 2012
  • Weight: 5.8 oz

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