The PR Collection

All dressed up and ready for the Brooks PR Invitational. Designed with promising high school athletes in mind, the PR Spike Collection delivers high performance technology and comfort, all for under five ounces.


Women's PR LD 4:48

Men's PR LD 4:10

Behold the lightest spike of them all, designed for eyebrow-raising efficiency over long distances. A super-thin mono mesh upper keeps the foot securely wrapped and supremely ventilated. With a newly engineered spike plate designed to flex with the foot and deliver optimal traction, your confidence will grow as you click off each lap.

PR Distance: 1600m

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Women's PR MD 54.26

Men's PR MD 46.61

There‚Äôs nothing middle-of-the-road about this mid-distance spike.. The split Pebax® Rnew spike plate is engineered with the precise amount of rigidity needed for pressing middle-distance events. The EVA heel pad offers padding for protection and poise late in the race. And the six-spike well configuration is perfectly tuned for fast turns and straightaways. Ideal for jumping events and 400 to 1600 meters.

PR Distance: 400m

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PR Sprint

Women's PR Sprint 11.38

Men's PR Sprint 10.45

Satisfy your hunger for PRs with our most aggressive PR spike. The full Pebax® Rnew Sprint Plate, with strategically arranged lugs and smart spike well configuration, sinks its teeth into the track for powerful propulsion. Our new Shark Skin outsole technology means less weight and more traction, with wind-resistant upper materials and an aerodynamic shroud. Ideal for events from 100 to 400 meters.

PR Distance: 100m

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