Inspiring Coaches Finalist Mike Wright

Milford High School - Milford, NH

Number of years coaching: 7 years coaching track and cross country.

At a glance: Being one of Coach Mike Wright’s runners is like being a part of his family. His devotion to his athletes is evident based on the sacrifices he makes. He drives them to practices over an hour away from home to train with more experienced coaches, helps them find jobs and is always having dinners and bonfires at his house for the team. In his garage, Coach Wright keeps a large supply of running shoes others have outgrown, so every student can have a good pair of racers. He goes above and beyond to encourage his runner to excel.


What are Coach Wright’s favorite coaching moments?
Recent…Our 4x400m girls team breaking the school record from 1991. We have tried every year…one of the last records to fall since I was made head coach. That was my 1st goal…break all the school records. Courtney Hawkins winning the State meet in cross country after a sub par outing at the division meet…the joy on her face was amazing. My Boys Outdoor Track team winning States after being runner up the previous 2 season. We hosted the meet so it was that much more special. It was also special because we just got a track 3 years before after fighting for 2 years to get it to pass on the town ballot….it was a great day.

What makes Coach Wright Run Happy?
Knowing that I have contributed and have given back to the sport that has given me so many happy memories and continues to do so.

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