Inspiring Coaches Finalist Michael Buslepp

Romeo High School - Romeo, MI

Number of years coaching: 5 years coaching Cross Country, 6 years coaching Track.

At a glance: Coach Michael Buslepp creates a trust and personal connection with each team member that allows him to help them be successful athletes. He is just as excited for the runner who beats their personal record as the runner who wins a championship. In 2011, one of Coach Buslepp’s team members was diagnosed with a rare heart condition after collapsing at an indoor track meet. After he recovered and was cleared to run, the athlete was hesitant and nervous. Coach Buslepp helped him rediscover his love for running by creating a personal training plan and personally running with the athlete to ensure he was never alone. Now he is one of the top scorers for the team.


What piece of advice does Coach Buslepp give an athlete having a bad day to inspire them?
"There’s always a tomorrow." In this sport, you have to look at the big picture and learn how to ride the roller coaster that is running. I consider the big picture your ultimate goal and the roller coaster the up and down good days and bad days. Some days you may feel great, and other days you may have to grind through it a little bit more, whether in running or life in general Ultimately, running is a lifestyle that teaches valuable life lessons along the way. The biggest lesson, learning how to get the most out of every day, even the rough ones, because each day is a step in reaching your ultimate goal.

What makes Coach Buslepp Run Happy?
Having the opportunity to influence high school kids on a daily basis in the sport I’m passionate about allows me to Run Happy -- even when some kids on the team can now beat me in a race.

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