Inspiring Coaches Finalist Kurt Wayton

West Windsor Plainsboro High School - West Windsor, N.J.

Number of years coaching: 7 years coaching track and cross country.

At a glance: Coach Kurt Wayton says he love to coach because he gets to help young people have their reality look their potential in the eye. He spends countless hours exploring the methods of the most successful running coaches and using his learnings to create a training plan that is specifically calculated to get results. His runners are always willing to give 110 percent, because they see the extra time and effort he puts in to make them better. This extra effort includes shoveling snow from the schools track, providing gear to runners-in-need and standing out in the 100° heat with drinks for the team.


What is Coach Wayton’s favorite race to either watch or run?
Cross Country, my twin brother Geoff was a teammate of mine and is now an assistant coach at Indiana State. I think he described cross country best when he said it was ‘all blood and guts”. You can’t hide in cross country and you’re held accountable at every mile, turn, practice, …you name it. It forces the kids to look deep and to find strength that otherwise they may have never found.

What makes Coach Wayton Run Happy?
Being a coach is a tough job if done right. Kids can make it tough on you. But at the end of the day my job is to be on the front line of human improvement at a time when young people are desperately searching for answers. We provide them with answers, we provide them with confidence, we provide them with the tools to live an extraordinary life.

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