Inspiring Coaches Finalist Justin Torres

Bishop Mora Salesian High School - Los Angeles, CA

Number of years coaching: 10 years.

At a glance: By teaching his team from East LA the true meaning of hard work and what it accomplishes, Coach Justin Torres not only motivated them as runners, but many went on to attend four year universities. This is something many of them had never considered a possibility before running. Coach Torres creates a brotherhood among his team with altitude training trips that are more about the bonding then the workouts. This commitment to the team encourages each person to work for something greater than just their personal achievements.


What is Coach Torres’ favorite race to either watch or run?
CROSS COUNTRY!!! It’s long enough that the pain can take you out of the race if you’re not tough enough, but complex enough that team AND individual tactics play a huge role. IT’S THE ONLY RUNNING EVENT THAT YOU LIVE AND DIE BY THE TEAM! The number one thing I try to teach my boys is that you have to believe in something more than just you’re individual success. You have to fight for something bigger than yourself, because it’s easy to let yourself down. It’s harder to let your brothers (what we call our teammates) down. Then we translate that to the community. Being successful individually is fine (i.e. financially), but it’s what you do for others, the community, that defines you as a person…

What makes Coach Torres Run Happy?
Seeing my boys succeed!!! On the course, in school, and in their community.

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