Inspiring Coaches Finalist Doug Butler

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy - Melbourne, FL

Number of years coaching: 14 years.

At a glance: With 20 percent of the school running for Coach Doug Butler’s track and cross country teams, it’s easy to see that he is able to inspire his runners to commit to a lifestyle of running happy and to his personal motto, "set goals, not limits." Coach Butler started the program by himself in 2000 at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne, Fla., and has since had a dozen cross country titles under his leadership.


What piece of advice does Coach Butler give an athlete having a bad day to inspire them?
My favorite line with one of my young ladies that gets stressed out about racing is, "It's not combat." Nobody is going to die today so what’s the worst thing that is going to happen? It’s just running, it’s not life-and-death.

What makes Coach Butler Run Happy?
Staying healthy and being able to run every day. I still enjoy lacing up the shoes every day and getting out there with those I coach and being able to push some of them to their best is great satisfaction.

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