Inspiring Coaches Finalist Dave Davis

Mountain View High School - Stafford, VA

Number of years coaching: 31 years coaching high school Track and Cross Country

At a glance: Coach Dave Davis has inspired his athletes to strive beyond what they believed was possible. He thrives on providing opportunities for them and seeing what they can accomplish. In order to help cover team expenses like team gear, trips to large track or cross country meets or meals for students, each year Coach Davis organizes three different large cross country meets with over 100 teams in each event. He puts his heart and soul into coaching. After recently being diagnosed with cancer, Coach Davis went through treatments and surgery without complaint and immediately returned to coaching, teaching and inspiring as soon as he was able.


What piece of advice does Coach Davis give an athlete having a bad day to inspire them?
Tough question. It usually depends on how bad and what their training age is. Older athletes tend to recover a lot quicker than younger athletes. If it is a technical mistake we look at what went wrong and move on from there and prepare for the next race or practice. If it is a bad day at practice just try to find out what happened that day during school or if they ate and had enough fluids. I usually try to wait until the next day to discuss the issue from a race to let emotions settle, but if we cannot wait it is usually just about getting their focus back and preparing to move on.

What makes Coach Davis Run Happy?
The kids.

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