Inspiring Coaches Finalist Dan Scroggins

Lake City Community School - Lake City, CO

Number of years coaching: 22 years (on and off) for both Cross Country and Track

At a glance: Coach Dan Scroggins has been able to bring the joy of running and other sports to a small school with only 100 students from preschool through high school. Due to their size, the school doesn’t always have enough students to create sports teams, so Coach Scroggins works with other small schools to combine efforts. This enables students at Lake City to compete in sports, when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. As a coach, he thinks outside of the box and teaches determination and strength not only on the track, but in life.


What piece of advice does Coach Scroggins give an athlete having a bad day to inspire them?
I think it is so important for young athletes to learn that, especially with running, there is a natural ebb and flow. I let them know that “every dog has its day,” and that as long as they are giving their all and loving what they do, results will eventually follow. I tell them to enjoy this time they are given, reflect back on how far they have come, and to find what they loved about running in the first place.

What makes Coach Scroggins Run Happy?
My ideal runs are 3-5 miles. In addition, I make it a point to enjoy the environment around me no matter where I am. For example, on vacation I will try to run each day in a different place to take in that particular environment. However, my favorite place to run is right out my back door in Lake City, Colorado. I find the mountains, the streams, and the wildlife intoxicating! I tell kids they have truly arrived as runners when they look forward to a run with no medals, no letters, and no finish line... just you and your feet.

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