Inspiring Coaches Finalist Arthemon Sindayigaya

Abilene Christian High School - Abilene, TX

Number of years coaching: 6 years as the Track and Field Coach with the last 2 years as the Head Coach. 3 years as the Cross Country Coach.

At a glance: Coach Arthemon Sindayigaya has inspires athletes with his story. Born in Burundi, Africa, he came to America to run at Abilene Christian University with nothing and knowing no one. He believed anything was possible with determination and now spends his time encouraging others to go after their dreams. His coaching philosophy is simple: You can’t coach from the sidelines, so he runs every workout. On top of coaching high school, Coach Sindayigaya also founded the Cool Running’s Track club, is a volunteer trainer for fitness camps, coaches the home school program and teaches his community what it truly means to Run Happy.


What piece of advice does Coach Sindayigaya give an athlete having a bad day to inspire them?
The coach that recruited me to come to the States to compete at Abilene Christian University gave this advice which I share with my athletes: The more you run, the more you improve. Running is a no pain, no gain sport. Stay happy no matter what. Do your Best!

What makes Coach Sindayigaya Run Happy?
I can run forever. It relaxes my mind. I went to college and ran in college. By getting a scholarship to run in college, all I had to pay for in college was $20 for my diploma. Therefore, I am so thankful for the talent that God gave me to run.

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